Sleep problems develop because of poor pillow design.

A proper pillow support must be round to fit your body structure.

    (You don’t have a Square body or head.)

We make round Sleeping pillows because they solve sleep problems.

Arm and Hand NumbnessBack Pain,assist with Fibromyalgia,

Headaches and Migraines, reduce InsomniaKnee PainNeck Pain, MaternityShoulder PainSnoring,

( No one can guarantee a solution to any specific problem but many have found the solution to their problem)

Sleeping Pillows

Sized to fit and support you

Easy to use sizing charts – select your size

5 Sizes to fit and support all body structures on all surfaces and sleep positions

Comfort Neck Roll – Your Travel Companion

Car, Train, Bus, Plane, Home
Comfort Roll

Lumbar Roll

Back Comfort where you need it
Lumbar Roll

Camping Pillows

Designed For Very Hard Surfaces
Comfortable Camping Pillows

Extra information for those who want more: