Why Sleep is a Basic Human Need

Why Sleep is a Basic Human Need

Not getting a decent amount of sleep is something that all of us have complained about at some point in our lives. Sometimes its noisy neighbors that keep us up, or perhaps there’s something on your mind that you just can’t seem to get out of your head. There are all sorts of reasons why you might be suffering from a lack of sleep, but unless you do something to solve the problem you are risking your health.

Sleep is a basic physiological need, just like water to drink, food to eat, and air to breathe. Without proper sleep we cannot survive. Just like suffering from malnutrition because of not eating enough, if you don’t sleep enough a variety of health complications can arise. Some of the most common ailments linked with lack of sleep are high blood pressure, weight gain, and a decrease in the power of your immune system.

Reasons to Get the Sleep You Need

There are some very important reasons why all of us need to get the sleep that we need, and the health benefits of the correct amount of sleep may surprise you.

Staying in a Good Mood

One of the most common effects people feel when they do not get enough sleep is that they are in a bad mood. You become more irritable and impatient, and even the smallest thing can really get on your nerves. When you are at work, you will probably find it hard to concentrate, communicate effectively with colleagues, and be productive. Worst of all, you may feel too tired to do the things you like in your spare time.

Keeping Safe

Every day we put ourselves in potential danger without even really realizing it, like crossing the road or driving to the shops. If lack of sleep is making you feel forgetful or affecting your attention, you could end up in a serious accident.

Being Healthy and Fit

When you sleep your body has time to relax and repair itself, and your immune system relies on sleep to operate correctly. In other words, the good cells in your body find it more difficult to protect your body against attacks when you do not get enough sleep. In addition, getting enough sleep may help your body fight cancer. Your levels of fitness are also affected by lack of sleep, and there is evidence to suggest that sleep disorders can bring on hypertension, cause an irregular heartbeat, and increase stress hormone levels.

The Ability to Learn

Without enough sleep your brain will find it harder to remember new things that you have learnt. In clinical tests is has been noted that people who get more sleep perform better in memory tests.

Staying the Correct Weight

Depending on your height and age, there is an optimal weight you should be. When you don’t get enough sleep your body does not process and store carbohydrates properly, and this can lead to increased weight gain, Lack of sleep can also have an adverse effect on your appetite.

The Key to Good Sleep

Ass you can see, there are plenty of ways that your health can be affected by lack of sleep, and if you are unwell it could well be down to not getting enough sleep. Doctor’s regularly advise patients who complain of pain, headaches, and other common ailments to take some painkillers, stay in bed, and get some rest, which is sometimes all that is needed. The importance of sleep has never been more of an issue than now, with our busy urban lives and so many distractions around us.

Being comfortable and relaxed is key to getting enough sleep, and many studies have been conducted to see what really contributes to getting enough sleep. One of the most important aspect of good sleep in the right head support, and here at Align Right that is what we specialize in. We firmly believe that finding the right type of head support could be the answer to your ailment.

Getting a correctly sized sleeping pillow can make the world of difference when you lie down at night and try to doze off. It helps to support your head and neck, and contributes to putting your body in a good posture so that you do not wake up feeling stiff or with muscle pains. Many people do not realize that pillows lose their shape and effectiveness at supporting your neck and head over time, and that they do need to be replaced. Everybody is different, and a pillow that is right for one person may not be right for another, so getting a pillow sized especially for you is the surest way that you will sleep comfortably and avoid the health risks associated with lack of sleep.

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