Why do I toss and turn at night?

Why do I toss and turn at night?

Tossing and turning happens when your head is not in alignment with your body. You mangle your bed pillow into supporting your head weight allowing you to sleep. This is a part of the body’s defense mechanism. By forcing you to align the head with the body, it allows the brain to communicate and heal all body parts. The brain needs time to check and send healing.

Tossing and turning often, 20-30+ times each night will cause you to get sick at the bodies weakest point. You must reduce this to less than 5 times each night. The 5 times is indicated by the sleep cycle which is in 5 stages.

The brain is the only healing source for your body. Drugs don’t heal; they kill invaders that would cause early death. By killing the invaders, the drugs give the brain time to recover and heal the sick part. Several researchers discovered this when they kept their test animals from sleeping until they died. Autopsies’ found that all animals died from multiple organ failures, indicating that the body must get healing during sleep. This healing is the main reason for sleeping.

This is where the head support comes into play. Head support (pillow) was proven over 2,000 years ago by the Chinese Emperor demanding the perfect sleep. Since then the mattress was invented and sleep problems started. To find the answer to perfect sleep using a mattress took years but now you can get true sleep, without the tossing and turning, by getting a sized sleeping pillow.

You are unique in body structure, preferred sleep habit and your selected type of mattress. Get a modern sleeping pillow sized for your body structure, your preferred sleep position and designed to work on your mattress.

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