Why did I spend over 15 years developing and perfecting a round sleeping pillow?

Poor health is our #1 problem worldwide.  Researchers have found sleep has a direct bearing on how healthy you are.  CNN news proclaimed back in 1998 that poor sleep is our #1 health problem worldwide.  I found that poor sleep is caused by our poor pillow supports.  A proper pillow support would increase deep sleep and improve people’s health.

This understanding came about by accident.  At first I wanted to solve my wife’s neck related sleep problem; then others found help through our pillow.  I asked doctors why a pillow solved the many sleep problems but they said it could not be the solution; it had to be drugs.  Drugs were killing my wife – so drugs were not the answer.  Why?  The more testimonials came in, the more I became interested in why?   It became an obsession as no one understood sleep or what a pillow was for.  I had to find out.

I asked myself the question “Why me?” I am not a doctor or a researcher.  During research I found the answer was in my past.  I had training in the areas required for me to understand sleep where others could not.  I put my research and interpretations into a book online called “Sleep Right or DIE Early”.  This is a free download, as the information on how important sleep is to everyone is more important than making money.  Money cannot buy you health.  Deep sleep is where the body rejuvenates itself each night, making you healthy.

I like having money to pay the living expenses but having too much money leads to health problems as many celebrities and rich people have found.  Having a love for life, love for your job, love for your family, love for your spouse, and having a healthy respect and desire to help others through what you can do – this is MY right way to live.

My mission and my company’s mission are to help people live healthier lives through sleeping in alignment.  Aligning the body to the brain through a neck support is the only way to good health.

Jim Blondin

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