What is the best Sleeping Pillow

What is the best Sleeping Pillow

I will let you decide after telling you about pillows.

Back about 2,000 years ago the Chinese Emperor demanded perfect sleep. His scholars developed the wood block with a hole for the ear and it became the answer to perfect sleep. This head support proved that the head support was the answer to getting the perfect sleep. This head support was used for many generations with many types of variations because all Chinese slept on hard wood surfaces. This could be the reason that the Chinese and Japanese have more older people over 100 than any other nation. Today we all sleep on mattresses of varying degrees of hardness and many sleep problems.
Waterbeds, air beds, foam beds, spring beds are all variations of mattresses today. All are softer than the hard wood surfaces centuries ago. A modern pillow must conform to all body structures, sleep habits and to all the different modern beds.
Finding the many requirements took many years, many hours of research in many health fields but the list breaks down to:
1 – Comfort – If you are not comfortable you will toss and turn fighting your pillow for support. More turning = less sleep
2 – Head support – Research found that head weights range from about 6 lb in children to about 12 lb in some adults. All sizes required full support.
3 – Sleep positions – Side sleepers and back sleepers, with some stomach sleepers, each require slightly different head support.
4 – Mattresses – Our soft mattresses require a special product that is soft enough that when the shoulder/body sinks into the mattress it compresses into it still giving full head support.
5 – Healthy – Science research has found many bacteria, dust mites, all thrive in the modern bed pillows. These are serious diseases causing many of today’s most common illnesses. (see report) To combat these diseases the head support must be wash and dry. The washing can kill and remove some of the bacteria while drying in a hot dryer will kill the rest. Even the common cold spreads through pillows.

The last requirement is for it to replace the big bulky bed pillows that require folding, scrunching, holding onto to get the support required. All square pillows return to their square shape requiring more fighting for support thus keeping you awake not sleeping.

We found a round roll shape made of a soft resilient fiber could be made in sizes giving the full support to all body structures, in all sleep positions on all types of beds. Then sizing became the issue.
We developed sizes as required to help local people with their personal sleep problem. To help others we had to find a way to size them. It took years to find the “Sleep Triangle” everyone needs to fill nightly and a way to measure them. Taking and testing those measurements, developing charts for side sleepers and back sleepers took several more years.
During the years we asked the Chiropractic college in Toronto, Canada to test our pillows as many testimonials claimed that the pillows reduced their neck pain. The CMCC did the study on people with average neck pain for over 6 years
The results amazed them so the published them in their peer reviewed journal JMPT 1998.
Another study on keeping animals awake until they died revealed that the body received healing during sleep. This study and our study effectively proves that the body in alignment endorses the full chiropractic philosophy of “a body if keep in alignment will not get sick”. Many studies have links on our site.
Over these many years science has proven that a round sized sleeping pillow is the answer to modern perfect sleep and good health. When sleeping in alignment the brain has time to heal and fight off disease each night.
Sleep right, live healthy and long.

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