Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), system of medicine is at least 23 centuries old.  It aims to prevent or heal disease by maintaining or restoring yinyang balance.
Why do I find the natural healing system (TCM) better than modern drug systems. Is there modern proof that TCM works? As a sleep researcher I found that during sleep the body heals itself. Other studies of modern doctors is proving TCM to be a true healing system.
An American medical doctor over one hundred years ago wrote a paper on keeping the body in alignment it could prevent most illnesses. He stated that if the body was out of alignment then it would be open to disease. This is the modern principle of chiropractic and has been practiced in the World for over 100 Years.
Doctor Palmer summarized what truth he found in reading. He new that the medical system would not allow this if he stated it came from China Literature. The chiropractic system was formed to prove it worked. Many patients have been healthier using chiropractic care with some healing serious diseases.
I found the only part missing was sleeping in alignment. Modern researchers have proven that the body heals itself during sleep. A China Emperor proved centuries ago that the pillow was the solution to getting a deep sleep. Today the modern pillow has to adapt to the modern beds.
Back in 1997 modern doctors proclaimed through CNN news that poor sleep is the cause of most diseases and accidents worldwide. The modern pillow that adapted to all beds was invented in 1992 by a woman who demanded of her husband a solution to her neck related sleep problem. I had a flash of the China Emperor demanding of his scholars a solution to his sleep problem. Could she be a reincarnation?
Studying sleep from a solution point of neck alignment I came to believe that Chinese TCM was the answer to better health. Sleeping with the head in alignment with the body allows the brain to keep our body healthy. Alignment was producing the YinYang affect to heal our body.
Just like in China everyone needed a pillow sized for them so the Align-Right Pillow had to be made in sizes to fit all body structures, all sleep positions while adapting to all beds and mattresses. This took years but now there are 5 sizes with charts so everyone can select their personal sleeping pillow.
A personal proof of sleeping in alignment keeps a person healthy; my wife and I have not had a cold or the flue in over 20 years.

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