Align-Right Pillow Company donates to Violence Against Women Services Elgin County

Mike Maloney, The Weekly News January 27, 2017

Photo courtesy MyFM 94.1

There will be a few mothers and their children sleeping a little sounder thanks to Align-Right Pillow Company’s Jim and Judy Blondin.

On Jan. 26, the pair dropped by the Violence Against Women Services Elgin County (VAWSEC) offices with a donation of 23 custom-fitted pillows destined for women and children staying at the organization’s local emergency shelter. Originally from Kitchener, the Blondins have made similar donations to other shelters in the past.

Moving to St. Thomas three years ago to be closer to their family, Judy said donating to the shelter here was an easy decision to make having heard the stories of hardship and trauma these woman have endured. “If I can make their life a little bit better, I’d like to,” she said. “All forms of giving are so important,” said VAWSEC Executive Director Liz Brown. “It shows a deep respect, a deep love and a deep compassion.

The biggest piece of every gift — getting a pillow that is specifically suited to you, getting a gift of food, getting a giftof money — is about making sure people
know they are being cared for, that they are respected and that they are valued.”

Hear Judy Blondin from Align-Right Pillow Company tell why donations are important way it supports the local community.


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