Neck Alignment is the oldest natural healing recorded.

Neck Alignment is the oldest natural healing recorded.

This study of 23 century old Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM indicates and stresses what modern studies are proving today; the body heals itself.   Modern research is backing and proving ancient healing is the answer to good   health and long life.   TCM stresses for good health you must keep the yinyang in balance. Yin_and_Yang.svg

This is the yinyang symbol. Round because all our body is made of round shapes.
A modern study “keeping animals awake until they died” indicates that all body organs must receive a healing affect during sleep because without sleep all body organs shut down and we die. (See other blogs)
The history on sleep “invention of the perfect sleep by a Chinese Emperor” proved that the head rest was the answer to perfect sleep. Keeping the head in alignment with the body was the solution. Now with the invention of the mattress keeping the head in alignment with the body has been a major challenge. Instinctively we know we need to support the head so we fold, scrunch and beat our bed pillows into a shape to support our heads so we can get deep sleep; but they return to square shapes.

The challenge was to stop the folding, scrunching, mangling the pillow keeping us awake. A round roll design, sized for different people, made with a soft but supportive material, was found to support the head weight on all types of mattresses. Round fit the body curves. Sizes fit the different body structures. The special fibrefill gave the softness and support required for the body to reach deep sleep each night.
We named the pillows for what they do; align the body right during sleep. The Align-Right Sleeping Pillow has helped many people over the last 20 years. See the testimonials on help received.

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