Looking for a pillow to assist you with neck pain

Looking for a pillow to assist you with neck pain

The Align-Right Sleeping pillow was tested on pain reduction back in 1998 and the researchers found no other pillow was tested on pain reduction in the world.

Since the invention in 1992 to help relieve the morning neck pain, the pillows have gone through many updates.   The first requirement was comfortable support so each pillow is hand rolled into specific sizes using a special hollofil fibre. This made the pillows machine wash and dry, dust mite and bacteria free.

Since everyone comes in different sizes, shapes with different sleep habits and personal mattresses we had to make 5 sizes to fit all body structures, all sleep habits on all mattresses.

Now we had sizes but how do you measure people? This took years as no one ever measured people for a sleeping pillow before. Through research we found the “Sleep Triangle” everyone must fill each night to get a great sleep. After developing a tool we had our professional clients test it for several years and finally developed charts for side and back sleepers.

There are definite back sleepers but most people prefer side sleeping. Many go on their back occasionally.  Body structures vary from very small frame to very large and all needed sized support for sleep habits. All these parameters had to be taken into account in development of the charts.

The main parameters (besides comfort) for a great sleeping pillow are the correct size and shape of the pillow. The shape had to overcome the tossing and turning to get the proper support. The round shape was the answer as it could be made in sizes, reducing the tossing and turning to less than 5 times per night. Round fit our body structures and conformed directly under our head weight giving maximum support where needed. By keeping the head in alignment with the body, the brain can keep the body healthy.

The round roll gives you correct support from night one by gently stretching your neck muscles allowing the body to start healing. Some people have serious neck problems and may find the neck muscles will rebel causing more pain. Get a chiropractic adjustment or use the pillow off and on for several nights until you neck muscles accept change.

We want you to get a needed great healing sleep each night as we do.

The Align-Right Sleeping pillow is unique in shape and sizes to give you relief from neck pain and gives you a great sleep.

At alignright.com you can find links to all research, tests, washing instructions, etc

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