Is the Pillow more important than the mattress?

Is the Pillow more important than the mattress?

To answer this I had to answer two questions:

1. What is a mattress for?

2. What is a pillow for?

1. The mattress by definition is designed to give the body comfort while sleeping. It can be hard or soft depending what you prefer to sleep on. No matter which type of mattress you use we all require a support for our heads.

For generations bed manufacturers have made square or rectangular pillows to enhance the bed and most people used these bed pillows to get head support so they could sleep. We folded, scrunched, and mangled these pillows into our personal pillow support so we could sleep. Since square always returns to square we continually reposition these pillows into support during our sleep. This action happens over and over all night, tossing and turning, not getting a good sleep.

2. A pillow by definition is a support. There are so many types and shapes of pillows used for so many circumstances that I will limit this to pillows used for sleep support.

A pillow designed for sleep support would have to be made so you did not have to fight it to give good head support. It can not be square or rectangular; constantly returning to shape. It should retain its shape and support throughout the hours while sleeping. It must be soft but give comfortable support fitting the body structure and supporting the head weight. If you are in a comfortable position with the head weight supported you will not toss and turn often.

The first perfect sleep was recorded in China many centuries ago when the first Emperor demanded perfect sleep. The solution was the head support. They designed a head support with a wood block, a hole for the ear and a small pad to separate the face from the wood. Everyone slept on hard wood surfaces so the wood block and many variations worked until the invention of the mattresses then sleep problems developed.

Today’s research shows why the head support worked. Supporting the head weight and keeping the neck in alignment with the brain was the answer to getting a perfect sleep. The perfect sleep now relies on a comfortable head support that also conforms to the modern mattresses. Only one shape proved to work on the human body and conform to the mattress and that is; Round.

We spent our years perfecting our round sized sleeping pillows so you can get a great sleep each night on your chosen mattress.

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