How Now Brown Cow

How Now Brown Cow?

 Brown Cow            White Cow                     What about ME –  I am white

          This saying made me laugh when I was younger but it became relevant in my sleep studies. My research on sleep and why we sleep is the opposite of medical philosophy stressing many different things on sleep. All their research and studies were designed to solve sleep through drugs. Sleep became the Brown Cow. Misleading everyone on the value of sleep and stressing drugs as the only way to get sleep.   Drugs can deaden the mind so the brain can not heal the body so why are drugs the main option for sleep?

          All the books on sleep by doctors repeat many teachings by drug companies and repeat many other doctors reports. Almost nothing was new on sleep. I laughed after reading one book that almost made sense but fell apart when he suggested a Feather Pillow was the perfect pillow. He did not understand sleep except what the drug people teach.

          There is a lot of very old research done worldwide on sleep and on pillows. Pillows have been used for several thousand years with the studies done by the Chinese Emperor proving the head support was the answer to a good sleep.

          Modern day studies are proving sleep is necessary for our health.   Drug researchers proved that our organs start dying without sleep. These reports strongly suggest during sleep our body heals itself.

          Chiropractic Philosophy is that if the body is kept in alignment (no restrictions to brain) then the body should stay healthy.   Chinese medicine also has the same philosophy but said differently.

          Modern researchers have proven the philosophy is correct.   Studies done on flies show without sleep the flies die 3-4 weeks earlier than normal.   Another study on keeping large animals from sleeping until they died found that they died of multiple organ failure.   These studies lead a person to believe that the body must heal itself during sleep and raises the question “How?”

          Studies of the brain indicate that the brain can heal the body a little each night if it’s frequencies can communicate with each organs frequency during sleep. This is where a sized sleeping device (pillow) comes into play.   Having a pillow sized for you, keeps your body in alignment with the brain, allows the brain to heal your organs nightly.

          The Brown cow (drugs) now can be put aside for a good healthful sleep using the NEW White Cow (a sized sleeping pillow).

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