History on the development of pillows

History on the development of pillows

The first recorded sleep device (pillow) was invented in China about 2,000 years ago when the Emperor demanded the perfect sleep! (Britannica) The perfect device was a “block of wood – shaped and padded to the face with a hole for the ear.” You would not call a block of wood a pillow would you; but it fit the definition of a device used for sleeping. Only the rich could afford this product as it had to be adjusted weekly due to increase or decrease in body structures.

This device proved that a pillow support is the answer to the perfect sleep.

The common bed pillows can be traced back to the second product designed for the Emperor’s people. A husk filled bag that could give good support but had to be molded several times each night. Both products gave a great sleep on very hard surfaces, as everyone, including the Emperor, slept on a wood platform with a thin rattan mat.

Since the modern invention of the mattresses; sleep problems started increasing. Then the invention of the therapeutic designs of Foam pillows in an attempt to solve sleep problems actually increased them. (Tracking government sleep statistics)

Today’s mattresses, always softer than the hard wood, allow the body to sink into them. Now the pillows must conform to the body and the mattress. There is only one shape that conforms on both sides; round. This understanding came when we took our round sleeping pillows camping; we woke with neck pain. Shoulders and body did not sink into the ground like it did in our mattress.

Before the round pillow we fought our bed pillows into needed support by scrunching folding them. This act kept us from reaching deep sleep early; expelled the bacteria and dust mites into our air space, continually kept us in a sick state. Since sleeping on the round pillows I have had very few neither colds (they go away over night) nor respiratory health problems.

The round pillow is the modern perfect sleep device.

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