Do you know why you use a pillow?

You go to bed and grab a pillow but do you know why?

The right pillow is the most important thing you need to have for a great sleep. A pillow is used to give your brain an unrestricted direct connection with your body. To do that it must fill your “Sleep Triangle” with comfortable support. It must keep your brain in alignment to your body structure through your neck area. Proper neck alignment is necessary for your physical and mental health.

Research has proven that our organs shut down if we don’t get a deep sleep. Other researchers are finding that illnesses are linked to poor sleep, and poor sleep is directly related to poor pillows, which are directly related to poor health.

Imagine your brain not having connection to your right leg or to your left arm; how would you feel or walk? The brain heals our body at night while sleeping and if it can’t contact different organs to heal them then they will develop an illness and we will die. The brain even controls high blood pressure.

With this understanding why do the modern day medicine men and women not promote neck alignment? Doctors have known for generations that the body heals itself but why are they not allowed to recommend neck alignment?

A sized sleeping pillow will keep your neck in alignment for the time the brain needs to heal your body. If you toss and turn a lot, scrunch, fight or fold your pillow, then you are not getting a deep sleep. Without keeping your neck in alignment and receiving deep sleep, you will get sick.

I spent over 15 years researching and testing sizes of pillows so that you can live a healthy, longer life. We even measured peoples’ “Sleep Triangle” and produce charts for side and back sleepers.

Our mission is to help people live healthier lives through sleeping in alignment.

Jim Blondin


Align-Right Pillow Company

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