Do you know why you need to Sleep?

A funny thing about sleep is we think we know how to sleep. We lie down, close our eyes and wake up feeling great, ready for the day. This is seldom the case for the majority of people.   Most wake with neck pain, groggy, arm hand numbness, shoulder pain and many other complaints. Have you ever thought about why you don’t wake without problems. This is not science work, just basic common sense. What are you doing that can cause the arm hand numbness, the headache each morning. Think about your problem. Follow it back until it makes basic sense because your life depends on you getting a deep sleep. Yes your health and longer life depends on how well you sleep. Read the science research on why we sleep.


A researcher’s discovery –
“Lack of sleep won’t harm you”.

Here are his words from
Scientific Ask the Experts: Biology: (on the internet)
“Another rare disorder, Fatal Familial Insomnia (FFI), is an autosomal dominate disease that is invariably fatal after about 6-30 months without sleep. FFI is probably misnamed because death results from multiple organ failure rather than sleep deprivation.”

Another rational interpretation would be:
If with holding sleep caused our organs to fail then sleep is necessary for the health of our organs without which we die!

In trying to prove that lack of sleep won’t harm you he proved that lack of sleep will kill you. This was a very significant study and in conjunction with a study done on flies; it showed that life is shortened by lack of sleep.
We sleep because that is where the body grows and heals. (another topic)


My wife’s morning neck pain lead to finding that bed pillows and therapeutic pillows on the market were the cause of her neck pain. With research we came up with the round cervical pillow that solved her problem. Maybe it is your pillow causing your sleep problem.

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