Difference between a bed pillow and a sleeping pillow

Difference between a bed pillow and a sleeping pillow.

A bed pillow is a square or rectangular shape pillow designed to make a bed look good. Easily manufactured by bed (mattress) companies to make their beds look good. To use the bed pillow for sleeping you fold, scrunch, hold it in a supportive position until you go to sleep. Once asleep the body relaxes, the hold loses grip and the bed pillow slides out and returns to original shape. When the support is lost you wake and re-due the support. This can happen as often as 20 times each night causing you sleep problems. From neck and shoulder problems to having that tired feeling all day. Research has found bed pillows readily build up bacteria which get expelled into your breathing space with each scrunch or fold.

A sleeping pillow is designed to give your head support while keeping your neck in alignment with your body. Each sleeping pillow has to fit your body structure in your preferred sleep position thus giving support to your head while keeping your neck in alignment with the body. The design of a sleeping pillow has to be a shape that reduces the fighting and turnovers to less than 5 times each night.

Many centuries ago a Chinese Emperor demanded perfect sleep and his scholars found a block of wood, shaped to his face with a hole for the ear was the answer. This perfect sleep device proved that the head support was the answer to getting a great sleep. Today with modern beds the wood pillow did not work because it gave too much support while not conforming to the mattress.

This head-neck alignment has been proven by modern researchers to be necessary for your health. During deep sleep the body organs receive healing from the brain. Without this healing the body organs start shutting down, we develop illnesses and die.

This is the main reason we all need a sized sleeping pillow that reduces tossing and turning allowing a deep healing sleep nightly.

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