Could Social Problems begin with poor sleep?

Could Social Problems begin with poor sleep?

Many social problems could begin with poor sleep. Poor sleep has been proven over and over again by many researchers in many fields, proving you can’t think straight, you can’t solve simple problems when you don’t sleep properly, but none related their research to social problems.

I spent the last 15 years studying sleep, analyzing research from researchers on many different angles including how sleep affects families and their social reaction to everyday life. No formal research has been done in this area because sleep is not thought to have an affect on our social life. Solving social problems came from reports from satisfied clients who stressed they were waking up in a good mood and not as stressed out on last nights problems.

With studies at Universities showing students can’t think straight, can’t answer simple questions if they don’t sleep; can you imagine how a family copes with a social problem if they can’t sleep? The problem is keeping them from sleeping and without sleep the arguments increase dramatically. They wake with the argument still fresh and now they are more agitated by lack of sleep the problem gets worse and each day it escalates.

Lack of a deep sleep is our number 1 social and health problem. The health part is backed by many formal researchers worldwide including a researcher who proved that without sleep we develop illness and our organs die therefore we die. All life revolves around sleep.

My specialty is the practical aspects of what we need to sleep. There is only one common denominator causing poor sleep and that is the bed pillow. I spent the last 15 years studying why a sized unique pillow was solving almost all sleep problems.

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