Can a pillow reduce high blood pressure?

After reading “Brain Basics” I believe it can.

The brain is encased in the head. Blood flows into the brain through the neck. The brain uses 50% of all oxygen in the blood to produce the energy necessary for life. If there is a slight restriction to the blood flow to the brain, the brain would tell the heart to beat harder and faster causing high blood pressure.

At night when less energy required, blood pressure should drop. If the blood pressure does not drop then all parts of the body start requiring high blood pressure and it becomes the norm.

If the obstruction is not removed then high blood pressure can not be lowered by drugs or any other means.

Obstructions can be blockages in the arteries leading to or from the brain or to the heart muscle reducing the blood flow to the brain. (Book called “Brain Basics”)

A simple way to prove this is to press on the arteries in the neck going to the brain and feel or listen to the heart beat. It goes up.

Increasing the oxygen content of the blood can reduce high blood pressure and oxygen starvation to the brain. Many people use oxygen tanks to put more oxygen into the blood.

Sleeping in alignment with a cervical pillow can assist in lowering the blood pressure by correcting the blockage. The round cervical design can stretch, relax the neck muscles and reduce the neck tension that could be the restriction problem.

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