Brain controls blood flow



images[6]Science has proven that the brain controls all muscles and in so doing it controls all blood flow. The brain is in the head as we all know and it connects with the body through the neck area. Any restriction in this neck area can affect how the brain functions.

– Chiropractic studies show the electrical connections through the neck from the brain to all body parts.
– Massage therapy studies show that the blood flow to the brain goes between the muscles.
– Brain studies show that the brain requires 20% of our blood flow and uses 50% of the oxygen in the blood for normal activity.
– The Medical system shows that a restriction in blood flow to the heart would cause higher blood pressure.
– Any restriction leaving the heart going to the brain would cause high blood pressure.

Restricted blood flow –

vesselh[1]Blood Flow

Muscles under stress can restrict the blood flow to the brain by putting pressure on the arteries causing the brain to have the heart beat harder to supply the necessary blood and oxygen; another possible source of high blood pressure.
A subluxation in the neck area can restrict the electron flow to the brain and body.
Both these restrictions in the neck area show the importance of neck alignment to the brain while sleeping.
A reduction of blood flow to the brain would cause the brain to tell the heart muscle to beat harder. Normal restrictions to or from the heart muscle would cause the brain to increase blood pressure.
Reducing and relaxing the everyday neck subluxations is what an Align-Right Cervical pillow is designed to do.



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