Body alignment is the answer to perfect sleep.

Over nearly 20 years of studying sleep I found many sleep experts just repeat the findings of others. Most told convincing stories but none had new incites into sleep, what sleep is for and how to get it nightly. They were stuck inside their specific research areas. I was able to research all health areas and found a researcher who was trying to prove that lack of sleep won’t kill you; discovered that it does. That’s right; Lack of sleep causes our body organs to shut down; we develop illnesses and die. He proved that Sleep is a basic necessity to life*Research.

Using his research we can interpret that during sleep our body must produce something that heals each organ but how? What could produce this healing? How would it know what to heal and how much is required? These questions lead me out of the sleep field and into brain research. There I found the answers to sleep and why the body must be in alignment during sleep.

History research found that perfect sleep was solved over 2,000 years ago by a Chinese Emperor. ( Britannica Enc) The answer was in the head and neck support. All Chinese slept on solid surfaces like wood platforms with thin mats to separate the body from wood. This perfect sleep support was a block of wood with padding and a hole for the ear. These blocks were costly to make as they had to fit each person and be adjusted almost weekly as the body changed. These were limited to those who could afford one. The masses then wanted perfect sleep so the husk bag was developed for them. It was cheap and needed nightly adjustments therefore all could get the perfect sleep. It kept their necks in alignment while sleeping on hard surfaces.

Modern chiropractic research shows that the brain connects to the body through the neck area therefore could the brain be the creator of the help for our organs nightly? *** Research

Through brain research I found the answer to why we sleep. By keeping the brain in alignment with the body; the brain would check the body for help required and how much. The sleep cycle explains how the brain would do this. *explained in my book.

With this new understanding we see that body alignment to the brain is necessary and the answer to perfect sleep. So why do we have a poor sleep problem?

If the head and neck support was the answer then what is causing our modern day sleep problems as we have all kinds’ mattresses, bed pillows (that we scrunch all night), many molded form pillows and many innovative sleep supports; so why can’t we get good deep sleep? CNN News proclaimed poor sleep the #1 health problem today (1998)

Looking back at the Emperor’s support I found that it worked on hard surfaces and today we all use mattresses. Is the softer support causing a problem and why? What could give support and conform to all mattresses? Was it possible to fit and support all people?

Everyone is so unique in body structures, sleep habits and all use different mattresses? What could keep the head and neck in alignment with comfortable support while conforming to each individual and all mattresses? The answer took many years to understand why the shape and size of a round pillow was the answer to body alignment while sleeping and the answer to getting perfect sleep in our modern age. * research

A round pillow filled the requirement as round conforms on both sides. The Align-Right pillow is named for what it does; aligns the body to the brain while sleeping. Our pillows are one product where size does matter.

Jim Blondin

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