A pillow can solve Back Pain; give me a break!

A pillow can solve Back Pain; give me a break!

Yes a pillow can solve back pain or increase the problem. To put it simply; the tossing and turning during sleep will not allow the back muscles to relax enough to heal.

When sleeping on a normal pillow the average person tosses or turns 20-30 times each night. This turning is done in a wake full state, not allowing the brain to get into a deep stage where the brain can send healing to the back muscles.

A pillow that can reduce the turning to less than 5 times each night, will allow the brain to reach the healing deep sleep level. Most people reach the deep healing stage about once a week. Without a deep healing sleep, you feel tired, the immune system gets weaker and you develop illnesses such as the common cold, the flue and other small ills. The longer you go without deep sleep the bigger the health problems.

The pillow was proven over 2,000 years ago as the answer to perfect sleep. The Chinese Emperor’s pillow proved that the head support was the answer to perfect sleep. Today’s science has proven that the body gets healing during deep sleep and without sleep the body dies.

The head support is necessary to get your head in alignment with your body and must fit you, your sleep position on all mattresses or beds. That is why you need a sized sleeping pillow one that fits you.

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