“I can attest to huge improvement after sleeping with the pillow for only a few days. After suffering from vertigo, off and on for months, and also trying numerous vertical pillows, I decided to give this a try. It’s been about 6 mos. and no more sore neck and no more vertigo. Also ladies, an added bonus is that your hair stays in place….no messy hair in the morning. Wasn’t expecting that. LOL “  Carol N.

“Just a Thank You to say my friend is thrilled with her medium pillow. She slept the night through the first time. I appreciate the way you went out of your way to help her. My pillow keeps my neck and shoulders happy to not to mention my clients appreciates then to.”
-Lyn (Forest Physio)

“I’ve had my original Align-Right™ pillow for 6-7 years. I’ve tried every cervical pillow in the market – Obus Form, etc. and the only pillow I’ve ever had relief from has been my Align-Right™ pillow. I couldn’t find your company and needed a new pillow. Thank goodness I’ve found you at the home show!”
-Yilinda H-P

“I slept like a baby, a deep and very relaxed sleep. I woke up very refreshed.”
-Rivka K, Toronto

“I have been telling anyone who will listen how great your product is. I have been using it since December and no more walking up with tightness in the back of my head. I cannot even imagine sleeping on a regular pillow anymore, not even a down filled one!! I am traveling for a month this summer and of course my Align-Right™ is going in my hand luggage; I would not take the chance of losing it by putting it in my checked luggage. Thank you once again for developing such a great device.”
All the best,
-Jane R, Oakville

“I’ll give up packing clothes to take the Align-Right Pillow. I took it all over Britain!”
-Carolyn F

“The best investment. Get one!”
-Earl R, Ontario

“I bought the pillow 2 years ago for my husband, he would not go without it for one night. He took his pillow with him even on our trip to Europe last summer.”
-Fitha V

“The only sleeping pillow I will very use! I hope it never wears out!”
-Sandy E, Ontario

“After five years I finally needed a new one. Thankfully your fine work continues.”
-T. Y, Ontario

“The best dollar investment I have every made. I have tried many types of pillows, this bar none is the best.”
– Harry M

“I bought a Sobakowa pillow a couple of months ago. I’ve had your pillow for a few years. I thought I’d try something new. But I’m back to what works.”
-Perry W, Waterloo, Ontario

“Your pillow is absolute great. It made the difference between being able to write my last thesis for my master’s degree or not. Having been at the computer all day I wreck my body but the pillow fixes it at night.”
-Donna M, Ontario

“Judy made a believer of me, just resting on it a few moments and it created a “within me, a sense of well-being” and actually curbed a headache in the early stage. I had a wonderful sleep. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
– Marina G, Ontario

“Thank God I don’t have to hide my pillow from my wife. Now we are both sleeping like babies. I can now say my wife is no longer a pain in the neck.”
-Wolf U

“Hello Judy, I am enjoying your pillow and the “pain free” days I am now experiencing. You would not imagine, how much relief I am getting, day after day from this pillow. After so many years of daily pain, approx. 50+ years in all, I can now look forward to “painfree” days and nights, something I never would have known, without this pillow. I do exercise my upper and lower back daily, but at days end, I have this pillow, to give me the much needed and ultimate rest, relaxation and comfort, that provides me the goodnights sleep. Thank goodness for the little miracle it provides for me!”
-Heather – Calgary

“Recently I had a knee surgery and used your pillow to keep the knee in the proper position without pressure on the leg. It also helped with my low back.”
– S F, ON

“My 2 pillows have made sleeping during pregnancy much more bearable. I prop one under my stomach and the other behind my back. The support is much more comfortable than using a full size pillow. I also plan on propping my baby up when it is born to prevent it from rolling over. I will still use my second pillow for my neck, which is the reason I first purchased one.”
– J O ON

“It took me about 20 nights to get used to it and I had to take out some filling. Now I can’t sleep without it. No more tossing and turning.”
– Linda K.

“The Align-Right pillow has allowed me a much deeper sleep with hardly any pains in my back or neck. I sleep the whole night not waking every 2-3 hours. My whole body is feeling better.”
– Tim McC.

“I highly recommend your Align-Right Pillow especially to those who snore! My husband bought one and the first night he used it – I slept like a baby. I’m buying one for me now.”
– M. P.

“Just a quick note to let you know I got my pillow on Tuesday and am now adjusting to the new sleeping system. Great to have a pillow that does not chock the top of my head up and gives support where it is really needed.”
-Melissa R Australia.

“Thank you Align-Right for making my job so much easier – I get the best night’s sleep on the best pillow in any time zone anywhere in the World. My profession – I’m a Tour Escort – it is so important to be well rested and alert to function in the travel industry. Thanks to my Align-Right Sleeping Pillow a good night’s sleep is never a problem.”
– Anne T.

“Thank you for the pillow, back to sleeping like a baby.”
– M L W

“I have a congenital birth defect in my neck. I always had neck pain until I began using the Align-Right Pillow. I’ve had no major problems in 3 years.”

– D McKay

“I’m finishing a three month holiday…soon. While traveling by plane, bus, train and car your pillow was an invaluable source of support and comfort. Thank you.”
– A J P.

“Hi, My husband and I purchased 2 pillows back in 1997 when we lived in Waterloo and they were the best pillows we ever had. We took a one-month vacation without them one year and swore we would never leave home without them ever again. Since then, they have traveled the world with us, on business and for pleasure. They were the first things we packed in our knap-sack when we took off for 9 months in Asia-we slept like babies on what otherwise would have been sometimes dreadful conditions (rock hard mattress, lumpy mattress, dirty pillows etc ) and they were the icing on the cake in the most luxurious accommodations. We love our pillows. And now it’s time to get some new pillows and what a relief that they are still being sold-we now live in Ottawa and haven’t found a local supplier. Thank-you!”
– T-C D’A

“For years I’ve suffered from pain in my back, shoulders, neck and head. Recently I began waking two or three times a week with headaches, for which there seemed to be no cure. I couldn’t imagine going through the rest of my life like that. I bought a pillow and after using it for a few days, my headaches seem to be a thing of the past, and, most wonderfully, my back, neck and shoulders are improved, too. Again many thanks!” –
-Sheila W.

“I was a pillow tosser…always trying to find the correct depth, or the right amount of “Scrunch” to relieve my neck pain. So I thought it would take some time to adjust to the Align-Right pillow. It worked wonders the first night…and every night thereafter. I would never be without it! I am so grateful for your wonderful invention and wish you success.”
– Margaret W.

“I haven’t woke up with headaches since sleeping on this pillow. Thanks for my happy days now.”
-P. T.

“My husband has almost stopped snoring! Wow! What a relief! He purrs now! K D
Just thought I’d drop you a line to say I’m delighted with your product in every way. Regular pillows are out for me – Align-Right is the remedy for aches, pains and a good night’s sleep – your pillow simply is a treat! Sweat dreams.”
– M & H K

“I am like a child with a stuffed animal. My pillow goes wherever I go.”
– S D

“Judy- I stored my other pillows away now.”
– J J

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“The shape supports the forward curve of the neck for back sleeping and the neck and head for side posture sleeping.”
-R.C. Hollingsworth, D.C., Ontario

“I use this device and awaken more refreshed. Many of my patients have found relief of their neck discomfort upon waking.”
-T. Kayler, M.D., Ontario

“I would not be without it. My snoring is reduced to nearly zero. Many clients enjoy its comfort and benefits.”
-G.W. Baechler, R.M.T., Ontario

I have 85 pillows! I’ve been on a quest for the perfect pillow. My favourite is Judy’s Align-Right Pillow. I have it in various sizes and use them when needed. I am very grateful to have them in my life.!”
-Ilanit Tof- B.A. (Psychophysiology/Psychology)
Advanced Diploma Healing with Wholefoods
PhD Holistic Nutrition

“Judy. Your pillows are a success; especially the regular size. I am ordering another 10 medium for my clients. “
– L P (RMT), ON

“I have been carrying the sleeping pillow now for 5 years and have had great success with it myself and many of my patients. I believe it is a superior pillow to the water pillows.”

– Dr. Cheryl Pacheco, Discover Chiropractic

“As a Family Wellness Chiropractor focusing on spinal corrective care, I applaud the Align-Right Company for creating a wonderfully unique product in a market where few exist to honour nerve flow, especially as it relates to reducing community based subluxation and chronic disease. I remain a witness of results, both personally and professionally and look forward to the day where everyone in our community is uiing the “The Align-Right Sleeping Pillow” for improved lifetime wellness.”

– Gus Tsiapalis, D.C.

“I was first introduced to the Align Right pillow 5 years ago at a massage clinic I was employed with. I have a history of chronic back and neck pain due to poor sleeping and postural habits. After sleeping on the Align Right pillow, I noticed immediately the nagging pain in my neck and shoulders decrease. Overtime, my sleep became less interrupted and I would wake up feeling rested.

In the past, I’ve tried all shapes, sizes, filled and density pillows, but nothing compared to the ongoing firmness and support of the Align Right pillow. I stand by this product 100%! It is now the only pillow I sleep on. And when I travel, I pack my pillow.”

– Anita C. Clausi RMT, DAc. Registered Massage Therapist, Certified Acupuncture Health Practitioner

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“These are the greatest neck rolls for the car. I am back to buy 2 more for gifts. We already have 4 at home! The neck roll in the car is great for sleeping, it stops your head from flopping over. Just put your seat back and rest your neck on the roll and you’re in dreamland! It is greate for the driver too, resting against it, it is very, very comfortable and stress relieving!!”
-E. Dow, Ontario

“The cushioning effect of the comfort neck roll reduced my whiplash in a rear-end collision. Only slight stiffness for 2 days – no pain!”
-Judy B, Ontario

“We received a comfort neck roll as a gift for our car trip to Florida. What a relief for our necks and while watching T.V. and knitting. Greatly appreciated!”
-Vi M, Ontario

“Would just like to tell you that your comfort roll cushioned my neck when i was rear-ended by another car. As a result I managed to avoid injury to my neck. Good work!!!”
-Peter M, Ontario

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“Since I started using the Align-Right Sleeping pillow I have experienced a tremendous reduction in neck pain from a motor vehicle accident. I sleep soundly and wake up feeling rested and without stiffness. My low back no longer aches in the morning and I rarely have headaches anymore. I take my pillow with me when I travel also. Thank you.”
– Joni Y.

“I threw away my other pillow and can only receive a good night sleep with your pillow. It releases all my neck aches. It’s great!”
-Carolyn K

“I have used the Align-Right pillow for 3 nights and have noticed considerable less pain in the morning!”
– A.S.

“I’m an account and looking at a computer screen all day resulted in neck problems. Since using an Align-Right Pillow, I have not had any neck problems.”
-James M.

I have a congenital birth defect in my neck. I always had neck pain until I began using the Align-Right Pillow. I’ve had no major problems in 3 years.“

-D McKay

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“These pillows are great for getting rid of migraines. Also great for labor. I’ve washed it numerous times and it’s still doing a great job!”
-Karin M., Ontario

“I have been using this pillow for 18 months and haven’t had a migrane since using it!”
-Cathy D., Ontario

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“Wonderful! First time in such a long time that I woke up without a headache.”
-S.P, Cambridge

“I believe in good pillows that you make. I felt great and sleep well to prevent severe headache and neck stiffness. I thank you for showing me. Keep up helping people!”
-Betty T, Ontario

“I have used many other things and including a neck brace. I couldn’t believe it would help so soon, I tell you the truth – no more headaches!”
-Evelyn R, Ontario

“For years I’ve suffered from pain in my back, shoulders, neck and head. Recently I began waking two or three times a week with headaches, for which there seemed to be no cure. I couldn’t imagine going through the rest of my life that way. I bought an Align-Right pillow and after using it for a few day, my headaches seem to be a thing of the past, and, most wonderfully, my back, neck and shoulders are improved, too. Again, many thanks!”
– Sheila W, Ontario

“I haven’t woke up with headaches since sleeping on this pillow. Thanks for my happy days now.”
-P. Turner, ON

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“Dr. Hugh Smythe had difficulty fitting me with the right size curved pillow. The Align-Right Pillow fit my neck and has help my fibromyalgia.”
-Cindy R, Ontario

“I have the condition called fibromyalgia. My arm was going numb while sleeping and 95% of the time I awake with a headache and sore neck and shoulder. This pillow has reduced the numbing and my neck feels pain free in the morning. The headaches are almost non-existent… I feel wonderful…thanks!”
– Cathy H, Ontario

“I have a condition called chronic pain in my back and fibromylgia. Being in pain for the past 8-1/2 years, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year I want to thank Judy for introducing me to a new friend the Align-Right pillow. It has helped me tremendously in my everyday life and especially with my sleep. I can honestly say that I am a new person. Judy, thanks a million.”
-Anka H, Ontario

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“Todd has a broken neck. He has headaches and snores badly. Since he has had his pillow, no more headaches and the snoring has stopped about 85 to 90%.”

“Judy, Just a quick note to say “thanks” for introducing me to Align Right pillows.
I now wake up feeling refreshed, no more ‘bed-head’, I’ve stopped snoring, need less sleep, not as grouchy and tired in the morning and no more tossing and turning. As a result, my husband sleeps better too. Eight family members all AGREE and are enjoying Align-Right pillows of their own! Thanks Again!”
-Susan C

“My husband has almost quit snoring! Wow! What a relief, he purrs now. I wouldn’t want him to be without it. Thank you Judy!”
-Kay D, Waterloo

“My husband stopped snoring after 17 years, simply using your pillow.”
– J. H.

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“Let me take this opportunity to add that your pillow is great! I don’t walk up as often through the night. My hands have stopped going numb through the night as well. Thanks”
– Rob B, Brampton

“The greatest pillow I’ve ever had. I take it with me everywhere! It has also stopped the “tingling” sensation in my arm that used to wake me up during the night!”

“Your pillow is great! I don’t wake up as often through the night. My hands have stopped going numb through the night as well. Thanks.”
-Rob B. Self-Counsel Press, ON

“I ordered from you before and saw immediate results – the pain in my hands and arms disappeared overnight. Ordering 2 more.”
– K Z, AB

“Let me take this opportunity to say your pillows are great! I don’t wake up as often and my hands have stopped going numb throughout the night as well.”
– R B, ON

“Love my pillow; before my arms would go numb.”
– D P, ON

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“I would like to let you know that I am truly please with your pillow. It has helped me to elminate the constant pain in my shoulders and it provides me with a restful sleep. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be without pain. As you know, I have already purchased pillows for my entire family and friends. I know one thing for sure, whereever I go, my pillow will go. Thank you! ”
-Erika P, Markham

“I have had total joint replacement of both shoulders, after using the Align-Right pillow, my discomfort has decreased dramatically. The Align-Right pillow should be used in all hospitals before and after orthopedic surgery for shoulder problems and replacements. Everyone could benefit from the use of this pillow.”
– Pat F, R.N. Guelph

“I called because of the pain in my shoulder and neck. I used the pillow and woke in the morning, pain free. I was amazed. From wincing every time I moved my left arm to waving it with no problem. My neck is my weak spot but is not bothering me now. Thanks again.”
– Sheila W.

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“I have sleep apnea and therefore use a C-pap machine. I find that your pillow eliminates the problem of my mask being moved and therefore not making proper contact with my nose. The pillow keeps my head gear off the pillow or bed whether I am sleeping on my back or side. I take my C-pap machine and your pillow with me where-ever I travel.” Sincerely,
-Victor E. ON

“My husband has a condition called “Sleep Apnea”, where he actually stops breathing several times a night. He tried the machine but it kept him and me awake. I purchased your pillow out of desperation. It was wonderful, he stopped snoring, did not wake with a stiff neck and felt much better. He won’t go without his pillow.”
– J.L.

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“Your Align-Right therapeutic pillows have been a godsend for me! I use them to sleep comfortably; drive without discomfort and to ease the chronic pain of Sciatica wherever I go. I truly “Don’t leave home without them.”
– W S

“In my 40’s I used to think waking up with a stiff neck and shoulders was part of aging. By chance I tried your pillow at a home show and my life has been transformed! Whether sleeping on my side or back, I get such wonderful comfort from your device. I bought one for my partner also. Reluctant as he was to try it, after a few nights of adjusting, he wouldn’t dream of sleeping on anything else! In my 50’s now, and wake up each day feeling wonderful! I take my “Log” as I call it away on vacations as nothing else gives me such a peaceful pain free sleep. I avidly recommend your pillow to everyone. Thank you, Judy. “
– F B

“I would like you to know I am truly pleased with your pillow. It has helped me to eliminate the constant pain in my shoulders and provides me with a restful sleep. I can not tell you how wonderful it is to be without pain. As you know I already purchased pillows for my entire family and friends.”
– E P

“For years I’ve suffered from pain in my back, shoulder, neck and head, then I bought one of your pillows. After using it for a few days, my headaches seem a thing of the past and most wonderfully my back, neck and shoulders are improved too. “
– S W, ON

“I had a chronic neck condition for years and had great difficulty sleeping. This pillow has helped me immensely. I wouldn’t be without it.”
– L T

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“Just a quick note to say how much I love my pillow. I bought 2 regular sizes and one small, for elevating my knees and for nights when I feel like a change. Before Align-Right I suffered from bouts of insomnia followed by a night of sleeping (12-14 hours). When I awoke I was miserable (I’m sure my husband would agree) and stiff and sore. I felt like I hadn’t slept at all. NOW I feel FANTASTIC. Align–Right was great from day one! I now sleep 5-6 hours EVERY night, wake without an alarm and feel well rested and less tense. My husband also says he gets a better sleep because I don’t snore. Even my hair looks the same in the morning as it did the night before (Thank Goodness).”
– S C ON

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“I was diagnosed with Dystonia – a very painful involuntary movement of the neck. My range of motion was limited, lots of neck pain, pressure and headaches. I couldn’t sleep comfortably or through the night with any pillow I had. I bought one small, firm pillow. After sleeping on it, I found it relived a great deal of pressure on my neck and along with exercises I find I can greatly reduce the pain, pressure and get a good night sleep.”
– P W


“What a boon to my back; which has cost me $1000’s of dollars in treatments.”
– C SP, UK

“I have a condition called “Chronic back pain and Fibromyalgia”. Being in pain for the last 8 ½ years, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year , I want to thank Judy for introducing me to a new friend; Align-Right pillow. It has helped me tremendously in my everyday life and especially with my sleep. I can honestly say I am a new person. “
– A H, ON