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You tried all the other pillows

now try what is guaranteed to work

Universal Sleep Support System

Our 5 sizes , developed over 20 years, form a

            Universal Sleep Support System.

Extra Small – 16 inches long X 5.5 inches in Diameter

Small – 17.5 inches long X 6 inches in Diameter

Medium -17.5 inches long X 6.5 inches in Diameter

Large – 17.5 inches long X 7 inches in Diameter

Extra Large – 17.5 inches long X 7.5 inches in Diameter

The Align-Right Pillow’s unique cylindrical (round) design fits and supports your neck and shoulders in your preferred sleep position.  The correct size fits both the natural and abnormal neck curve.   Put an end to tossing and turning, folding, scrunching or re-positioning your bed pillow to try to find that great sleep…… Try Align-Right

The Align-Right Pillow, gently and naturally stretches your  cervical (neck) spine, giving proper sleeping posture for all sleeping positions, maximizing comfort for both side and back sleepers.

Align-Right Pillows are meticulously constructed.  Each pillow filling is precisely weighed, then hand-rolled to a specific formula.  Five sizes give a complete custom-made, personalized support pillow, incorporating all the desirable characteristics of a “Therapeutic Cervical Pillow”.

How to Use the Align-Right Pillow

The round shape has taken the scrunching, tossing turning out of sleep.

Side Sleeper: –  Gently tuck the pillow into your neck curve; drop your ear on top.  Your head,  neck and shoulder is supported in comfort and alignment.

Back Sleepers: –  Gently tuck the pillow into your neck curve, touching your shoulders, not under the shoulders, allow the head weight to settle into the pillow.    You will feel a wonderful, gentle traction on the muscles, giving relaxation and relief of pain.

Basic reasons to sleep on an Align-Right Therapeutic, Cervical Sleeping Pillow

 A Practical Design:

– is fully machine washable and dry-able.

– maintains it shape night after night.

– can be re-fluffed and sanitized.

– is portable, compactible, perfect for traveling.

– is light weight, it weights less than a pound

– comes with a free white pillow slip with other coloured pillow slips available

A Healthful Product:

The Align-Right therapeutic, cervical sleeping pillow that:

– has been clinically tested for pain reduction:

93% had significant pain reduction

13% of these became symptom free

75% reduction in pain medication

Published  JMPT (Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics) (Feb. 1998:21-89-93)

– is offering a drug-free way to reduce chronic neck pain.

– is a therapeutic, cervical sleeping pillow with X-Ray comparisons with “bed pillows”

Good health is a result of sleeping in alignment (Science Proven)

–  is non-allergenic and odorless.

–  is mold, mildew and moth resistant.

–  compresses into a suitcase,( weighs about one pound), sleep with proper support, comfort and no concerns regarding unhealthy pillows.

Research has proven that regular pillows pickup bacteria and expel it into our sleeping air space. This  prolongs the illness or develops a new illness especially after traveling.

Professional Testimonials:

“We have recommended the Align-Right Pillow for a number of years to numerous individuals. They have all been pleased with the comfort and support that it provides both in the side and supine postures. Although it doesn’t look like a “pillow” it gets the job done, effectively.      Dr. Don Leck, D.C.”  Toronto

“I practice CBP and have included this pillow in my corrective care programs for my patients for many years.  It is ideal because it can be fitted according to size and supports the curve in back and side-posture sleeping.  It has been extremely well received by my patients with many of them re-purchasing for themselves and for other family members.  In many cases it has become a traveling companion.”  Roger Hollingsworth, D.C., Waterloo

“Family and patients appreciate the Align-Right Pillow because they support the head and neck in a natural position resulting in a more relaxed and comfortable sleep.”  W. Gunter Moeller, D.C.


Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 46 x 16 x 16 cm

Extra-Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large