Has a perfect sleep ever been recorded?

Yes. The first recorded perfect sleep was recorded in China about 2,000 years ago. The new Emperor after uniting all of China he had a lot sleepless nights. All the scholars now were his to keep busy. To keep them busy he ordered them to give him the perfect sleep. He assumed this to be impossible task that would keep them busy but within weeks they came with a wood block, a hole for the ear and covered it in softer material for the head comfort. This was the first Emperor’s Pillow.
Finally with the perfect sleep others noticed and the scholars now had to make many more for the richer Chinese. This was expensive to make and adjust as the clients put on weight. As the body grew the size of the support grew.
Over time the pillow was made in Ceramic or Porcelain (example)

This hard pillow proved that the head support was the answer to getting the perfect sleep. A hard support worked on hard surfaces as everyone slept on wood platforms with a thin rattan mat.
The regular Chinese also demanded perfect sleep so the Emperor had the scholars make them a less expensive one. The scholars came up with a husk filled bag that needed adjusting each night but was very inexpensive. Both these types are still in use today.
With the invention of the mattress the hard head support did not work.
A modern pillow had to work with mattresses.

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