The Comfort Neck Roll

This small roll is a remarkable travel pillow for neck pain. It is designed to give support to the cervical neck area while sitting filling the small curve of your neck/head area.   The Align Right Pillow Comfort Neck Roll is 4 in. x 10 in (10 cm x 25.5 cm).   It provides soft, supportive … Continued

How a pillow effects high blood pressure.

How a pillow effects high blood pressure. To understand I had to study many doctoral studies. • In “Brain Basics” I found that the brain requires 20% of all blood flow and uses 50% of the oxygen in the blood; day and night. • Another study showed blood flowing to and from the brain through … Continued

Therapeutic Sleeping Pillows

Is there a true Therapeutic Sleeping Pillow? As we developed our round sleeping pillows, we had them tested on pain reduction because we wanted to get creditability as a therapeutic pillow like all the others claiming to be therapeutic. See our test results: As the test results ended, the college wanted to compare their … Continued

Chiropractic and Alignment

Chiropractic and Alignment: The Chiropractic philosophy links body alignment to body healing. Stressing body alignment allowing the body to heal itself is a correct method to natural healing.  Many studies show this to be a fact but how and when could the body heal itself? To answer this question, I had to study outside the … Continued

Why do we sleep

Why do we sleep?   To put it simply “We die without sleep”!   This was discovered by a research doctor who kept animals from sleeping for 6 – 30 months.  His study was trying to make another point, “Lack of sleep won’t harm you”, so he phrased the result stating; “Lack of sleep did … Continued

You have a pillow problem

You have a pillow problem; If you are tired when you wake. Waking with a neck pain You don’t feel rested Fighting your pillow for support Normal health problems can be related to the improper pillow. The first perfect sleep was recorded when the Chinese Emperor demanded a solution to his sleep problem. The answer … Continued

Sleep is when the body heals

Sleep is when the body heals. No drug or vitamins can heal the body without good deep sleep. Just Facts! When a researcher found, animals died from multiple organ failures when not allowed to sleep; he proved that the body receives healing during sleep. By rational analyzing of other studies; body structures, brain requirements, blood … Continued

How to buy a sleeping pillow

How to Buy a Sleeping Pillow. Has anyone taught you how to buy a Sleeping Pillow? You learned your sizes on shoes, socks, pants, skirts, shirts, tops, hats but no one taught you about Buying Sleeping Pillows. Science has proved that the body receives healing during sleep. The Chinese proved the head support was the … Continued

Sizes and Charts

It took many years to develop the 5 sizes and twice as long to find a way to measure everyone’s “Sleep Triangle”. We coined the words “Sleep Triangle “because it fit the area that must be supported by a head support. Supporting the head weight while supporting the neck muscles keeping the neck in alignment … Continued

A Universal Sleep Support System

The Align-Right Pillow Company has developed; A sleep support system is required to give all people a true head support. Why does everyone require a sized sleeping pillow? Centuries ago the head support was proven to be the answer to perfect sleep. Since mattresses were invented sleep problems have been increasing due to the head … Continued